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Is climate change becoming a mainstream issue for investors and companies?

08 July 2016

James Richens: A range of investors and companies gathered at a day of events recently organized by Trucost and The Crowd to discuss latest developments in efforts t... read more


Carbon footprinting: Helping investors ask the right questions

06 July 2016

Lauren Smart: Last year marked a turning point for the investment community in acting on carbon in their investments. By the time of the Paris Climate Summit in Dec... read more


Can Businesses Generate Profit for the Economy, for the Planet and for Society?

09 June 2016

Alastair MacGregor: Trucost’s chief operating officer Alastair MacGregor explains why we need a new set of business measures This article has been submitted ... read more


Scaling up sustainable plastics

17 May 2016

Caroline Bartlett: The use of plastic has advanced society by improving healthcare through its use in medical equipment, providing packaging to reduce food waste, and cu... read more


The Road from Paris Leads to Science-based Targets

11 May 2016

Brian Werner: On April 22, 2016, 175 nations signed a landmark deal on climate change, ratifying the Paris COP21 agreement to limit global warming to 2°C with t... read more


The circular economy: creating sustainable business value from waste

01 March 2016

Grace Kao: It has been suggested that “waste is a resource in the wrong place.” If that is the case, then the opportunity for companies to put waste ... read more


Disclosing environmental impacts for investors

25 February 2016

Brian Werner: Have you noticed the requests for data, the emails from folks in other departments that you haven’t spoken with in about a year, and the bi-week... read more


The State of Green Business 2016

04 February 2016

Richard Mattison: Last year, in the GreenBiz and Trucost 2015 State of Green Business report, we addressed an elephant in the room. We called it sustainable growth... read more


From green bonds to green boom: What China’s new green bond rules mean for sustainable investment

08 January 2016

Chaoni Huang: China has become the first country in the world to issue official rules on issuing ‘green bonds’ – bonds that are dedicated to finan... read more


Cyprus’s water crisis shows climate change is here and businesses must act now

18 December 2015

Nikol Ioannou: With the historic agreement at the recent COP21 climate change conference in Paris, the world’s leaders finally seem to recognise the magnitude ... read more


Business Growth in an Era of Water Scarcity: Revenue at Risk

22 October 2015

Libby Bernick: Blog produced exclusively for GreenBiz Fourteen of the world’s 20 megacities – those with the largest or fastest growing economies and th... read more


Has industrialized farming left nature’s bank in need of a bailout?

20 October 2015

Christopher Baldock: Nature, it turns out, has been giving away its resources a little too cheaply. Industrial agriculture has been consuming nature's capital to a po... read more


Making the business case for a circular economy

09 October 2015

Hilary Young: The financial opportunities and environmental benefits of a circular economy in the electronics sector – where waste becomes a resource for new ... read more


What business wants from natural capital accounting

21 July 2015

Alastair MacGregor: The development of a standard approach to natural capital accounting passed an important milestone in July with the publication of the draft Natural C... read more


Who really pays for our clothing?

02 June 2015

Jacqueline Jackson: Last week saw the premier of The True Cost, a documentary about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the industry is having o... read more


France first to introduce mandatory carbon reporting for investors

29 May 2015

Lauren Smart: Pension funds, insurance companies and other institutional investors in France will be required to disclose how they are managing climate change risks... read more


Carbon Footprint Analysis: An interview with Aegon Asset Management and Trucost

26 May 2015

Claire Curtin: Aegon decided to gain a better understanding of the CO2 impact of its investments as a first step in deciding on possible future actions regarding cli... read more


Green Finance: Seeking a way out of China’s pollution crisis

28 April 2015

Chaoni Huang: I am excited about what lies ahead for green finance in China now that the Green Finance Committee was launched last week. The GFC comprises an elite ... read more


Natural capital is one of the critical investment themes for 2015

08 April 2015

Lauren Smart: The use of natural capital indicators by investors to measure and manage financial risks and opportunities is one of the big themes of the year, accor... read more


Helping investors see sense on sustainability

16 February 2015

James Richens: Unilever is widely seen as a leader on environmental and social responsibility. Its Sustainable Living Plan, launched in 2010, sets out a blueprint fo... read more


Pricing water key to mitigating business risk

24 November 2014

Anna Georgieva: Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the risks of water scarcity. The CDP’s recent survey found that two thirds of the world's largest ... read more


A robust and credible green bond market could help the finance flow

11 November 2014

James Richens: One of the biggest developments on the corporate sustainability scene over the last year has been the explosion of companies issuing green bonds to fi... read more


Taking product sustainability to the next level

16 October 2014

James Richens: Lifecycle analysis (LCA) has become a best practice tool that many companies use to analyze and improve the environmental performance of their product... read more


The Colour this Season is Green

01 October 2014

Jacqueline Jackson: Trucost's Jacqueline Jackson reviews the 2014 Copenhagen Fashion Summit and GLASA awards.  Highlights: World resources cannot keep up with de... read more


The view from the NYC People’s Climate March: We Have the Solutions!

26 September 2014

Divya Mankikar: The train from Jersey City to the World Trade Center does not run on weekends this year, part of the on-going effort to restore that line after the de... read more


Institutional investor interest in linking carbon and financial performance is a global phenomenon

08 August 2014

Divya Mankikar: On July 25, we hosted Julie Fox Gorte of Pax World Funds and Sonal Mahida at the UN-backed Principles of Responsible Investment in a lively webinar di... read more


What makes a ‘green bond’ green?

05 August 2014

Lauren Smart: There’s been a surge of interest among companies in issuing green bonds to raise capital to invest in renewable energy and other environmental i... read more


Recognizing the value of plastic

03 July 2014

James Richens: Nothing is more symbolic of all that is wrong with our throwaway society than plastic pollution. Often used for just a few minutes, plastic bags, bott... read more


Water firms mull the potential of natural capital valuation to achieve sustainability plans

17 June 2014

James Richens: Natural capital valuation offers water companies a powerful tool to identify sustainability challenges, engage stakeholders such as the chief financia... read more


Be more good, not less bad

12 June 2014

Caroline Bartlett: Society as we know it is unsustainable. Business as usual involves producing and consuming products in a linear fashion - that is to make, sell, use a... read more


Natural capital - understanding supply chain impacts

11 June 2014

Arnie Bawden: Mobile devices have been an important part of BlackBerry’s history and remain one of its core focus areas, and the company has developed a suppl... read more


How natural capital accounting can become your newest communications tool

29 May 2014

James Richens: Natural capital accounting is growing in popularity. Trucost has worked with more than 50 clients on how natural capital valuation can help them ... read more


Valuing Nature: A Pricey Distraction or Priceless Investment in Future-Proofing Your Business?

27 May 2014

Libby Bernick: A new wave of companies are talking about the work they’ve been doing to account for the goods and services their business gets from nature &nda... read more


What is the true cost of fashion?

28 March 2014

Caroline Bartlett: Fast and cheap fashion is available across the high street, with companies competing to undercut each other on low price, good value garments. But doe... read more


Companies come out on natural capital

25 March 2014

James Richens: More and more companies are talking about the work they’ve been doing to account for the environmental goods and services they use – so-ca... read more


Valuing Natural Capital: hot topics at GreenBiz, Economist's Ocean Summit, CDP

17 March 2014

Libby Bernick: At the recent GreenBiz forum held in Phoenix, AZ and the Economist’s Ocean Summit in Half Moon Bay, CA in February debate focused on valuing nat... read more


A new era of sustainability metrics?

21 January 2014

Richard Mattison: There is an elephant in the room. The elephant’s name is Sustainable Growth.  According to the World Bank, we expect global economic growt... read more


Understanding the True Cost of Sustainability in Healthcare

06 January 2014

Libby Bernick: We are pleased to republish this blog by Brian Boyd Vice President of Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability at Johnson & Johnson i... read more


The Natural Capital Opportunity

20 November 2013

Richard Mattison: Trucost’s research for the TEEB for Business Coalition, Natural Capital at Risk, estimates the environmental externalities of business are costi... read more


Don't forget water in the true cost of biobased packaging

23 October 2013

Libby Bernick: This blog has been produced exclusively for GreenBiz. The additional 3 billion middle-class consumers expected by 2030 presents one of today&rsq... read more


IR will increase your share price

17 September 2013

Richard Mattison: First, forgive my provocative title for this blog. In an attempt to attract your attention I have condensed and oversimplified several important steps... read more


Accounting for natural capital: how do you actually go about it?

12 September 2013

Richard Mattison: There are many reasons why companies would want to account for their natural capital impacts. I’ll come to those later, but first I want to resp... read more


Preparing for UK Mandatory Carbon Reporting

31 July 2013

Neil McIndoe: The UK Government committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% (from the 1990 baseline) by 2050 under the 2008 Climate Change Act. I... read more


The true cost of your engagement ring

17 July 2013

Libby Bernick: This blog has been produced exclusively for GreenBiz. Retailers know that consumers are prepared for a significant expense when buying fine jewe... read more


Environment v economic downturn

04 July 2013

Sarah Aird: Trucost research for the TEEB for Business Coalition Natural Capital at Risk finds that the environmental costs of business are costing the globa... read more


The true cost of water

29 April 2013

Libby Bernick: This blog has been produced exclusively for GreenBiz. The environmental and social costs of global business water use add up to around $1.9 tril... read more


Valuing water to make the best of capital

04 April 2013

Lauren Smart: Running down resources carries a high price tag. Four of the 10 cities with the highest water tariffs globally are in water-scarce Australia. Amo... read more


Carbon-intensive stock prices fall as tax looms

28 February 2013

Lauren Smart: Several companies identified by Trucost as most exposed to carbon liabilities in South Africa have seen their share prices fall, after the Treasury an... read more


The True Cost of the S&P 500

05 February 2013

Richard Mattison: This blog has been produced exclusively for GreenBiz. On Feb. 12, GreenBiz will launch its annual State of Green Business report with new resear... read more


Mainstream investors look to sustainability to unlock value

22 January 2013

Lauren Smart: Environmental analysis is moving from the fringes of socially responsible investment to the mainstream, helping push the sustainability agenda forward... read more


The True Cost of a Holiday Dinner

20 December 2012

Richard Mattison: This blog has been produced exclusively for GreenBiz. The holiday dinner has always been an occasion to gather family and friends together to en... read more


The True Cost of Clothing

13 December 2012

Richard Mattison: This blog has been produced exclusively for GreenBiz.  Past True Cost columns have relied on generic product data. This month, we provide a case... read more


Beyond the Brand: leaders in supply chain environmental sustainability

22 October 2012

James Salo: Companies ignore the magnitude of their supply chain environmental impacts - and the environmental and financial risks and opportunities that they rep... read more


Why businesses should understand the true cost of its environmental impacts

17 October 2012

Steven Bullock: Steven Bullock, head of supply chain research at Trucost describes how placing a financial value on environmental impacts is useful for decision makin... read more


The True Cost of Personal Computers

04 October 2012

Richard Mattison: This blog has been produced exclusively for GreenBiz.  Personal computers are ubiquitous in our everyday life. We all rely on them and, in fact,... read more


Businesses go Dutch to find out about the revolution in capturing value

27 September 2012

Richard Mattison: The next 50 years will focus on resource productivity, Peter Bakker, President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, told more th... read more


The True Cost of Food

14 August 2012

Richard Mattison: This blog has been produced exclusively for GreenBiz.   We identified the True Cost of three everyday products: breakfast cereal, fr... read more


iNatural Capital

20 July 2012

Richard Mattison: Anyone who stumbled into the packed room could be forgiven for thinking that a new iGismo was about to be launched. There was a palpable buzz at ... read more


Leading banks commit to valuing natural capital

16 July 2012

Lauren Smart: Leading banks commit to Valuing Natural Capital Risk at Rio+20, but why, and how will this translate into action? The CEOs of 37 major financial inst... read more


Rate the Raters: Improving Trucost's research process

22 June 2012

Steven Bullock: In May 2010, SustainAbility launched a multi-phase research program ‘Rate the Raters' to shed light on the universe of corporate sustainability ... read more


UK Government announces mandatory carbon reporting

20 June 2012

Sarah Aird: The UK Government today announced that around 1,800 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange will have to publish their emissions ... read more


PUMA EP&L wins Guardian Sustainable Business Awards

30 May 2012

Rebecca Edwards: Congratulations to PUMA on winning the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards 2012! PUMA has been announced as the overall winner of this year's G... read more


Costing environmental impacts: what and how can we measure?

29 May 2012

Richard Mattison: Dr Richard Mattison, CEO, Trucost, talks to SmartMonkeyTV about costing environmental impacts, and how  companies and governm... read more


S&P/IFCI Carbon Efficient Index outperforming

26 March 2012

Sarah Aird: Michael Orzano, CFA, Associate Director, Global Equity Indices & Alka Banerjee, Vice President,Global Equity & Strategy Indices, S&P Indic... read more


Thirsty work: Business in a drought

22 March 2012

Richard Mattison: World Water Day marks just 24 hours in more than 8,700 in what is fast becoming the Year of Water. Right now, the lack of it is grabbing headlines - ... read more


Five questions about SRI

16 March 2012

Lauren Smart: Lauren Smart, Executive Director at Trucost is interviewed by  Emerging Markets ESG for its weekly interview entitled, "Five Questions ... read more


Experts explore the payoffs of green investing at Darden

23 February 2012

Lauren Smart: In 2012, investors may want to bet on green. "Companies that actively manage environmental risks - and take advantage of associated opportunities - i... read more


Expect the Unexpected: sustainability megaforces

15 February 2012

Sarah Aird: KPMG today released new research analysing a system of ten sustainability megaforces that will impact each and every business over the next 20 years. ... read more


Tracking the evolution of sustainable investing

02 February 2012

Lauren Smart: Cary Krosinsky, senior vice president at Trucost comments on the launch of new book Evolutions in Sustainable Investing: Strategies, Funds and Th... read more


Could efficiency help iron out the bumps in ore prices?

01 February 2012

Christopher Baldock: Many manufacturers now see raw materials as their biggest risk. Carmakers are among industries caught between volatile commodity prices and cash-strap... read more


Food price volatility set to continue in 2012 and beyond

25 January 2012

Richard Mattison: Rising input costs, demand and weather risk are expected to keep global food prices strong. Changes in production in water-stressed areas could add to... read more


Which Big Three carmaker wins on low-carbon growth?

18 January 2012

Angela Olufunwa: Sales of light vehicles to U.S. consumers were up 10% in 2011 compared to the previous year. Revenues are growing, but which U.S. carmaker is winning ... read more


The state of Green Business 2012

18 January 2012

Rebecca Edwards: Joel Makower, chairman and executive editor of GreenBiz Group comments on the fifth State of Green Business report.Trucost supported the&nbs... read more


Some FTSE 350 firms unprepared for mandatory carbon reporting

11 January 2012

Angela Olufunwa: The UK Government will soon decide whether to make greenhouse gas emissions reporting mandatory in annual reports. Several high emitting FTSE 350 comp... read more


Turbine makers: Who's producing most efficiently?

21 December 2011

Richard Mattison: Decarbonising Europe's energy use will create opportunities for manufacturers of low-carbon energy technologies, such as Vestas and General Electric. ... read more


Michigan State provides roadmap for higher education on supply chain Sustainability

17 December 2011

James Salo: Interest in sustainability has experienced exponential growth within academic institutions and has run a series of articles highlighting ... read more


UK infrastructure: Investment opportunities or risk?

14 December 2011

Lauren Smart: Investors in UK infrastructure will be able to tap into new opportunities to create the sustainable, resilient water supply needed to support economic... read more


Avon calling: U.S. Consumer Goods firms respond to pressure on carbon

07 December 2011

Libby Bernick: Investors are pressing companies that supply goods such as automobiles, food, beverages and furnishing to report greenhouse gas emissions and cut them... read more


Deepwater Horizon: one year on

30 November 2011

Angela Olufunwa: BP's Deepwater Horizon sparked criticism from regulators, investors, the public and media in the U.S. Yet many oil spills in the global oil & gas ... read more


It's all about the gravy!

23 November 2011

Libby Bernick: U.S. companies ranked greenest in the 2011 Newsweek Green Rankings are on the gravy train. Newsweek's Green Rankings compared the environmental footp... read more


Alumina Ltd exposed to Australian carbon tax

16 November 2011

Lauren Smart: Alumina Ltd is among ASX 200 companies most exposed to carbon costs. Although the Government will provide assistance to trade-exposed businesses, firm... read more


Global water resources pushed to the brink

09 November 2011

Steven Bullock: Reaching a global population of seven billion people could push water resources to the brink, unless agriculture and industry act fast to cut demand. ... read more


BT Group tops European Green Rankings

02 November 2011

Richard Mattison: Newsweek's latest Green Rankings of firms globally rated UK-based BT Group Plc the greenest company in Europe, outside of the low-impact Financials se... read more


HP well placed to target supply chain environmental risk

26 October 2011

Whitney McWade: Trucost data show that Hewlett-Packard's supply chain accounts for 98% of its environmental impacts. Is the company doing enough to tackle this risk? ... read more


M&S Plan A cuts carbon risk

19 October 2011

Richard Mattison: A quick glance at the Marks and Spencer sustainability website will leave you feeling inundated with tree-hugging ideas. Want to start a car pool? Fol... read more


How going green can make you rich

17 October 2011

James Salo: It's not just about being a do-gooder. Trucost reports that companies--and the investors who follow them--make out like bandits when they're environme... read more


Boeing focus on all-round environmental performance could pay off

12 October 2011

Christopher Baldock: Boeing is reducing its fuel use and carbon footprint, and promises to help airlines do the same with its new 787 Dreamliner. Trucost looks at the... read more


KEPCO: The power to improve carbon disclosure

05 October 2011

Neil McIndoe: Korea Electric Power Corp (KEPCO), which generates and distributes most of the electricity in South Korea, is the largest emitter of greenhouse gas (G... read more


Scope 3 GHG guidelines just launched

04 October 2011

Neil McIndoe: Just back from the WRI  - WBCSD London launch of two new elements of the widely accepted and used Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Firstly there was the ... read more


High emitters in the ASX 200 exposed to climate change impacts

27 September 2011

Lauren Smart: The Australian Government introduced Bills to Parliament this month to support a shift to a clean energy future, including a bill to put a price on ca... read more


High street businesses exposed to rising energy costs

14 September 2011

Steven Bullock: Oil and coal prices have risen by 14-20% over the past 12 months, driving up energy costs for most businesses. Trucost data on likely oil and coal con... read more


Could carbon intensive food producers drive up their own input costs?

06 September 2011

Richard Mattison: The rising carbon intensity of food production could contribute to climate change impacts that are set to reduce agricultural productivity, with knock... read more


Industries face stricter controls on air pollutants that cause death and stunt GDP

31 August 2011

Sarah Aird: Air pollution caused 2.9 million deaths in China alone in 2005, according to a recent study by MIT. The study Health Damages from Air Pollution in Ch... read more


Can economic growth also deliver carbon efficiency?

24 August 2011

Neil McIndoe: In its latest Five-Year Plan, the Chinese Government has set a reduction target on carbon emissions per unit of output of 17% by 2015, putting ca... read more


Could energy security push European markets over the edge?

12 August 2011

Lauren Smart: As dependence on oil and gas imports grows, extraction becomes most costly and geopolitical factors heat up, the risk of energy supply failure in Euro... read more


Are unconventional fossil fuels threatening the future of the low-carbon economy?

05 August 2011

Richard Mattison: Unconventional fossil fuel resources such as shale gas in the US and oil sands in Canada are rapidly being developed. The US natural gas industry has... read more


Carbon footprint investing - investing in clean sectors; investing in dirty sectors

30 July 2011

Sarah Aird: Robert Schwob, Chief Executive Officer at Style Research uses Trucost data to investigate the investment case for carbon. Republished from the St... read more


Not all Chinese cement companies are born equal

29 July 2011

Angela Olufunwa: The Chinese Government recently announced that more than 2,000 of China's dirtiest manufacturers, including cement producers, will have to close facto... read more


Turning water into gold

22 July 2011

Whitney McWade: Water  is central to the mining process but Canadian gold mining company Barrick Gold, the world's largest by turnover, has managed to produce th... read more


Can feeding 7 billion be sustainable?

15 July 2011

Neil McIndoe: Monsanto, one of the world's leading biotechnology and agrochemical companies, has emitted between 200% and 300% more greenhouse gases per year t... read more


Aircraft manufacturers battle it out for efficiency gains

08 July 2011

Christopher Baldock: The aircraft manufacturer Embraer saw its greenhouse gas emissions from operations and electricity use (Scopes 1 and 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Prot... read more


'Any company that is not looking at carbon is bonkers'

07 June 2011

Richard Mattison: Backing for mandatory carbon reporting was almost unanimous during a debate today on the UK Government consultation on proposals to require ... read more


UK consults on carbon reporting rules

12 May 2011

Neil McIndoe: Around 1,100 quoted companies in the UK could soon be required to report on carbon emissions. The UK Government is consulting on whether or not to mak... read more


Heads up on nuclear risks for engagement programme

09 May 2011

Richard Mattison: The earthquake and tsunami in Japan on 11 March put Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) at the centre of the world's worst nuclear crisis since ... read more


Sprint announces supply chain partnership with Trucost

21 March 2011

James Salo: It was with great pride that we saw Sprint announce their supply chain partnership with us last week. In many ways, for us at Trucost, this is a culm... read more


Rate the Raters: Uncovering best practice

15 March 2011

Sarah Aird: SustainAbility publishes an annual multi-phase research program ‘Rate the Raters' to shed light on corporate sustainability ratin... read more


Supply chain risk from rising energy and carbon costs

01 March 2011

Rebecca Edwards: Britvic has become the first British company to issue a profit warning following the recent spike in oil prices. It's shares fell almost 12% as a res... read more


Cut the carbon

23 February 2011

Sarah Aird: Ralph Pettengell, chief executive of Carbon Footprint Investments comments on the launch of its IFSL Carbon Footprint UK350 Equity Index Tracker Fund,... read more


The State of Green Business 2011

01 February 2011

Sarah Aird: Joel Makower, chairman and executive editor of GreenBiz Group comments on the fouth State of Green Business report. Trucost supported the re... read more



23 December 2010

Jessica Taylor: When the likes of Wal-Mart and Unilever put sustainability at the heart of their business models, they were not just following some moral compass. The... read more


ESG funds outperform

07 December 2010

James Salo: Investors have long accounted for risk in their investments. An increasing number are now including environmental, social and governance (ESG) a... read more


Mandatory carbon reporting

03 December 2010

Neil McIndoe: The UK Environment Department's report to Parliament on the contribution of reporting greenhouse gas emissions to the UK meeting i... read more


Highwater Global Fund chooses Trucost data

08 November 2010

Lauren Smart: Highwater Global Fund, a leading environmental and social global public equity fund, has chosen Trucost as a data partner. The Highwater research pro... read more


Trucost and CDP partner on supply chain

05 November 2010

Annabelle Bennett: I'm very pleased to be able to announce that Trucost will be collaborating with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) on the CDP Supply Chain Programme.... read more


Who pays attention to Green Rankings anyway?

28 October 2010

James Salo: Last week, Newsweek launched the 2nd Annual Green Rankings, a collaborative effort to comprehensively evaluate the environmental performance of the wo... read more


CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme - Simpler and Sharper

21 October 2010

Sarah Aird: At one stroke the UK Government has both simplified the Carbon Reduction Commitment, now known as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, and given it teeth... read more


The Newsweek Green Rankings 2010: what environmental impacts matter most?

18 October 2010

James Salo: Today the 2010 Newsweek Green Rankings were released, the second annual environmental assessment of the 500 largest public companies in America, and t... read more


Companies driving innovation and efficiency changes

11 October 2010

James Salo: As we spoke to all of the largest US & global companies involved in this year's Newsweek Green Rankings 2010, a common theme emerged - n... read more


The environmental costs of big firms

06 October 2010

Sarah Aird: The UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment and UNEP Finance Initiative commissioned Trucost to calculate the cost of global environmenta... read more


Climate war: The economics of clean fuel will beat fossil fuel

22 September 2010

Sarah Aird: The war over climate policy is being lost to the fossil fuel lobby and its PR army, first on scientific grounds and then in the economic sphere. Jyoti... read more


What do LCA, input-output modelling and the Statue of David have in common?

06 August 2010

Annabelle Bennett: I'm often asked about life cycle analysis (LCA) vs input output methodology, when measuring an organisation's supply chain emissions. Is one better th... read more


Investment needed to cut carbon in schools

20 July 2010

Lauren Smart: UK Government plans to scrap investment in refurbishing schools could force local authorities to spend money on carbon permits and penalties... read more


Mandatory environmental reporting needed to manage financial risk

15 July 2010

Richard Mattison: Businesses will find it increasingly difficult and more costly to access "free" materials, commodities, freshwater supplies, food, fibre and... read more


So what makes a good sustainability report?

14 June 2010

Sarah Aird: Paul Druckman, chairman of executive board at The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project, comments on what makes a good sustainability report.... read more


Trucost clients underweight BP in the Oil & Gas sector

11 June 2010

Sarah Aird: Since Simon Thomas founded Trucost over a decade ago he often feared that it would take an environmental disaster for capital markets a... read more


Proposed Amendment US EPA Rule on Mandatory GHG Reporting - useful for both shareholders and stakeholders

26 May 2010

James Salo: Reported data of little value to investors, companies, stakeholders, without company identifiers. June 11th is the deadline for comments on the EPA's... read more


CalPERS to hire Trucost

20 May 2010

Neil McIndoe: We put an awful lot of effort into our proposal to be included in CalPERS pool of research organisations. So we were absolutely delighted when the $20... read more


Tories to speed up mandatory carbon reporting rules

13 May 2010

Richard Mattison: The Conservative Party now leading the UK Government believes that carbon disclosure by the largest UK companies would be a big driver of carbon cuts.... read more


US climate bill to set slow path to low-carbon economy

13 May 2010

James Salo: The bill for an American Power Act is full of compromise. Earlier plans for a cap-and-trade program - a tool designed to achieve emission reductions a... read more


Carbonated business applications – why are they so flat?

10 May 2010

Sarah Aird: Trucost invites Jyoti Banerjee, director of KiteBlue and industry expert, to share his views on how software applications are responding to ... read more


Oil spill casts shadow over plans to expand risky production

06 May 2010

Lauren Smart: Soon after oil started washing up on the Louisiana shore, Moody's revised its outlook for BP to negative. As the company braces itself for US$ billion... read more


Indirectly speaking

28 April 2010

Richard Mattison: There remains one very powerful, and largely unexplored, way for the world to move towards maximizing carbon and environmental efficiency: we need a g... read more


Barclays Responsible Banking Review

19 April 2010

Lauren Smart: Barclays Responsible Banking Review, AKA sustainability report launch. Good on Barclays for highlighting its failure to meet carbon emissions, energy... read more