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Funds get to grips with stranded assets

08 April 2014

Trucost has assessed the Environment Agency Pension Fund’s exposure to stranded assets held in sixteen investment portfolios representing over two thirds of the EAPF’s 2.3bn AUM. 


Value of integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services into business decision making

18 March 2014

TEEB implementation demonstrates value of integrating biodiversity and ecosystem services into business decision making.


Novo Nordisk publishes environmental profit and loss account

17 February 2014

Novo Nordisk became the first pharmaceutical company in the world to publish an environmental profit and loss account, developed in partnership with Trucost. 


Business Progress on Sustainability Has Stalled, Says New Report

21 January 2014

Companies around the world are struggling to make progress on climate change, resource efficiency and natural capital dependency, according to the 2014 State of Green Business report published by GreenBiz Group in partnership with Trucost plc.


50% natural capital costs from Asia

25 November 2013

Research announced today by Trucost finds that the unpaid natural capital costs of business in Asia totalled $3.7 trillion in 2010, representing 50% of unpaid natural capital costs globally.


The Natural Capital Leaders Index: Methodology

24 October 2013

In January, Trucost, in partnership with GreenBiz Group, will unveil the Natural Capital Leaders Index, recognizing those companies that have taken the lead in decoupling economic growth from environmental impact. What follows is the context and proposed methodology of the Index. We are seeking feedback from the sustainable business community.

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