We believe Trucost's approach is a breakthrough that finally facilitates a cost-effective, fast and timely assessment of a corporation's supply chain environmental impact. The barriers to completing a supply-chain assessment have been substantial, preventing most corporations from taking this important step in understanding their total environmental impact.


We’ll help you navigate the complex challenges and opportunities presented by growing natural resource pressures and increasing environmental regulation with industry leading data, tools and insight that drive sustainable business.

Our data identifies natural resource inputs and environmental impacts across company operations, product lifecycles and supply chain tiers providing important focus areas for risk management and optimization.

Our tools help you to efficiently measure and manage sustainability metrics and provide transparency to business managers, stakeholders and regulators.

Our insight enables you to optimize business operations, products and supply chains in line with global resource availability and environmental costs.

Key to our approach is that we not only measure natural resource dependency and environmental impacts in tonnes, cubic meters and hectares, we also apply a price to reflect local resource availability and environment costs providing an overarching metric for risk and opportunity analysis.

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